About C-My Lens Today, there is a great and ever increasing demand for trained I.T. Professionals all over the world because the IT enabled services & interned revolution is fast overtaking conventional methods of doing business which has created a big gap between requirement of IT professional / Engineers & available I.T. professionals or Engineers. As you know, we will have shortage of proper trained I.T. professional in coming 5-8 years and for this very reason, we witness various institues of varied caliber and standing coming up and mushrooming all over the country. You may find it difficult to pick up one with such an outstanding and conspicuous standing as ours. This is so, because, we at JS-SOFTWARE are not only addressing a curriculum tailored to meet their requirement, but also the fact that our courses are competitive, highly professional and most easilly affordable for budding professional.

To introduce us, as JS-SOFTWARE , estabolished by a group of dedicated professional who had the poresight and vision on the technologies of the future the technologies that would dominate the world. We are entriched by more than 8 years of experience in IT industry. Besides being a leader in the training industry, which is also affiliated by WEST BENGAL STATE COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND NATIONAL COUNCIL OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING where our student already marked their quality in the term and examination.